Focus on Users

I strongly believe that for any IT system to be successful it must make life easier and more productive for its users. To design a good system I find it imperative to listen to the users and their needs.

Time Matters

I understand that we do not live in a perfect world with endless budgets and time. I always consider this fact with my clients and have a strong focus on delivering work that also satisfies management and their Excel sheets :)

I Do It Because I Love It

I got my first computer when I was six years old, and I started programming when I was nine. I do software development because I love it. The fact that someone wants to pay me to do it is just a very nice added bonus!

  • Computer science education cannot make anybody an expert programmer any more than studying brushes and pigment can make somebody an expert painter.
    - Eric S. Raymond
  • Before software can be reusable it first has to be usable.
    - Ralph Johnson
  • Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.
    - Linus Torvalds